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Jul 06, 2011
Marking glass for cutting
by: Paul

I used to use yellow and black "grease pencils" that NERVO Distributors sold to stained glass suppliers years ago, but I cannot find anyone who carries them, maybe they just aren't made any more??

My supply is almost gone, so I am looking for good markers to use for marking glass for cutting.



These Pens work very well. I've been using them for at least 25 years.

Aug 21, 2009
Have you tried engraving?
by: Lisa Seger

If you have a dremel tool, all you need to engrave on glass is diamond tips that fit into the dremel tool, and these can be purchased at Lowes, Home Depot or some craft stores.
Engraving stained glass is the same as engraving wine glasses, as I just found out last week. I took a special order for a horizontal Victorian panel with the names of the soon to be married couple above the main design, and the wedding date underneath the design. I have sampled my engraving on some of my scrap glass, even the iridescent, and it comes out very nice. You just want to practice your engraving before you get that dremel tool anywhere near a finished piece, because once it's done, it cannot be undone.
BTW, this is a nice way to sign your pieces, maybe down in a corner or on the back side in a corner. Someone suggested to me that I include my email address under my signature, so that the proud owner always has a way of getting ahold of me for new orders or, God forbid, repairs on the current piece should it get damaged.
Good luck...stained glass combined with engraving gives you endless possibilities!!

Reply from Sue
Etching would be another solution. Etching, with a dab of Color magic paint rubbed over it would give a a name that could be read easily. Actually, the paint could be also rubbed over engraving to make it stand out more.

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