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Dec 23, 2011
heat the zinc
by: Anonymous

Hopefully I understand the question correctly. I also have a bit of a problem with a good smooth bond between the zinc and the solder. The zinc pulls the heat off the iron tip which leaves a lumpy joint. It seems that I need to use a hotter iron temperature. I put the iron tip on the zinc for several seconds then I apply flux then the solder. The hotter iron is helping but I need to get more practice.

Good luck

Sep 30, 2011
Zinc flux
by: Anonymous

THE BEST way to solder zinc it make the flux. What you need to is this: In a WELL ventilated room, preferably outside, pour some Muriatic acid in a glass jar. A baby food jar works great. Put small scrapes of zinc in the acid. They will dissolve away. It's really a cool thing to see. Continue adding zinc until they no longer react. You now have a flux that WILL work. Please do your soldering outside. This stuff stinks.

May 23, 2011
yes, but...
by: Anonymous

I emailed about having problems with zinc came not holding solder. The answer was that I should use a hotter iron and a paste flux. however, other pieces of zinc came work fine with my flux and iron, so that is not the answer. Other suggestions?

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