Zinc Cutting

by Alice Humbarger
(Houston Texas)


Hope all is well with you!

I am getting back to my stained glass after several years, and I have been told there is a more efficient way to cut zinc for a panel. I was taught to use the 45 degree angles which for me is always difficult. Is there an updated way to apply zinc? I appreciate any information you can give me.

Thank you so much, AGAIN!!!

Best regards,
Alice Humbarger


Hi Alice,

First off I must admit that zinc is not something we use very often. But we have used it enough to know how to cut it, which was not fun until we purchased a cheap chop saw (under $30.00) from Harbor Freight.

We bought it because we restored quite a few very large church windows that had to have zinc for the border framing.

It works like a charm...and you can set it to cut precise angles. All you have to remember is to cut the angles in the correct direction. Two go this way, /____\ and two go this way \_____/ .

Also, remember to wear eye protection when using it.

If you work it right, after the initial 2 cuts, you only have to make one more cut per piece until you run out of zinc, and have to start over on a new length.

I hope the chop saw is what you're looking for. It will make life much easier for you.

Good luck with your project. When you're done why don't you submit a picture to the picture gallery on this web site. We'd like to see what you've made.


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Dec 12, 2007
Good Question
by: Anonymous

Hi Alice,
Thanks for asking that question. I know it will help others when they cut zinc.

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