Zine Came is Oxidized and Won't Hold Solder

When I first purchase zinc, it solders fine. But after it oxidzes, I can scrub it with soap and a wire brush and steel wool, but most of the solder still falls off or balls up even with Novacan flux. It is so frustrating and the zinc never look as good as new. Any ideas?


Don't scrub it with soap, just use a copper wire brush, then wipe it down with alcohol. Use Nokorode flux and try a hotter iron. Nokorode flux is available at most hardware stores as well as stained glass suppliers. You will find it works much better on zinc and lead came than Novacan flux.

Try storing your zinc came in an airtight contained to keep it from oxidizing. You can make an airtight container out of a PVC pipe and end caps.

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